Our Services

R&R Environmental, Inc. offers consulting and testing for a variety of project needs. From standard building inspections or post-abatement clearance sampling, all the way to complete project management consulting services.

We have been a “go-to” for environmental services and consulting in Utah for over 25 years.

R&R Environmental

R&R Specializes in the following:

Asbestos & Lead

Inspections, Project Design, Air and Bulk Sampling, AHERA Survey and Assessment, Abatement Management, Monitoring, and Site Surveillance.

Bio-Aerosols (Mold)

Inspection, Air Sampling, Assessment, Remediation Management, Monitoring, Post-Remediation Sampling

Industrial Hygiene

The Science and Art Devoted to the Anticipation, Recognition, Evaluation, and Control of Environmental Factors Arising from the Workplace, which may cause Sickness, Impaired Health and Well-Being, or Significant Discomfort among Workers or the Community.

Regulatory Compliance

EPA, OSHA, and State Regulatory, Compliance, Assessment, Compliance Program Development, Implementation, and Management.

Safety & Health

Process/Facility Analysis and Assessment, Health and Safety Plan and Program Development, Implementation, and Management.